This little page hidden in the depths of the wider and occasionally dark internet is a corner I like to call my own.

This blog is a place where I freely document my thoughts and opinions on the latest releases within the entertainment world. Saying that, it is quite obvious I am biased towards film, but once in a blue moon a review might pop up from something I have read, or seen on stage.

It all started with an inside joke, one about how much time I would spend reading reviews and going to the cinema that I should occupy a spot on the internet, and tell people why they should or should not go and see a film. One thing led to another and my blog was created…

…and my adventure as a amateur film critic begins.

Remember folks, all my posts are simply my personal opinion. These should not be taken as an absolute truth, and if you feel the need to start a conversation, then by all means do so in the comments section.