Hello, my name is Briony, as the title suggests this is a little blog dedicated to reviewing  the recent releases of the film world, or books that I have been reading. Maybe I’ll throw in on the odd occasion some TV and theatre shows while I’m at it!

As many of my friends will already know and are probably smiling as they read this, but reading reviews of films, books, TV and theatre is a hobby of mine, so much so that it is now an inside joke with some. Many have said I should start a blog in my spare time, and guess what … the wait is finally over! She has done it, now instead of taking a backseat and reading everyone else’s reviews and secretly disliking certain opinions or loving them, I now take a more active role, one contributing to screen and literature criticism.

All my posts are just my personal opinion and obviously should not be taken as the gospel truth, so if you disagree, or have a question, or even want to start a discussion about something brought up on my blog then please do in the comments section.