Come Dine with Us 2017!!

Yes, you read the title correctly.

Apparently, The Great McKee Bake Off just does not cut it anymore and well we have done it four times now…

So the time has come for us to try a new challenge.

We would like to introduce you to our new culinary venture, Come Dine with Us 2017!!

Our version differs very little from the popular Channel 4 TV Show; Come Dine with Me, the most obvious difference is we are not on TV. We split into 3 ‘couples’ with each couple allocated one night to showcase their culinary and entertainment skills. When each couple was entertaining, the other two couples were playing the parts of highly attentive guests, scrutinising every little detail to ensure their score was a truthful reflection of the night.

So without further ado, let’s find out more about each of the nights:

Night One: Briony and Sam (her lovely mother)

Their menu drew inspiration from Italian chef, Gino D’ Acampo and TV chef/baker Nadiya Hussain, they chose to keep their menu simple but what they hoped would be effective…

Upon Arrival

A glass of Prosecco.



Spiedini Di Pollo E Peperoni

(roughly translating into chicken and pepper skewers.)

On a bed of salad leaves.



Tandoori Cod Burgers

Served with home-baked chips.


Unfortunately this main was just too good and everyone ate it before even one photo could have been taken!


A Selection of Fruit Crumbles

With homemade custard or ice-cream.


There is just no way to make this pudding look appealing.


House Quiz, essentially a pub quiz, but in the house, which can I say went down a treat with the guests.

Night Two: Sean and Jessica

Described as a ‘mish-mash’ menu, due to their starter not exactly complying with the rest of their Italian menu, but did this work in their favour?

Upon Arrival

A glass of Spanish Sangria along with Honey and Soy Sauce Sausage Canapés.



Crispy Potato Skins topped with Slow Cooked BBQ Pulled Gammon.



Homemade Tagliatelle topped with Meatballs and a Rich Tomato Sauce.



Creamy Panna Cotta

Served with a Raspberry Coulis.


After Dinner

If we were not full enough already, we were tempted into a selection of Homemade Chocolate Truffles accompanied with hot drinks.


A game of hook-the-fish from a little plastic pond, but of course they had to add a little competitive streak to the game by timing everyone with the quickest person to hook all the fish winning a prize.

Night Three: Bronwyn and Greg

Titled: Greg and Bronwyn’s Worldwide Culinary Tour, as their menu choices were inspired by the places they have travelled together.

Upon Arrival

Raspberry Bellini.



Yorkshire Pudding Three Ways

(Three Yorkshire Puddings; One Standard, One with Cheese and Chives, One with Rosemary; Chicken Gravy, Onion & Sage Stuffing, Cranberry Sauce.)



Spanish Tapas

(Chorizo in Red Wine; Chicken ‘Paella’; Garlic Prawns; Patatas Brava; Kale Salad with Almonds and Serrano Ham; Spanish Tortilla; Mediterranean Bread.)




(Traditional Scottish Pudding – if you do not know, just google it!)



Whisky Tasting Session, tasting three different whiskies from around the British Isles.


Let’s just say no-one was left hungry at the end of the three nights!

Every couple got scored out of twenty, so without further ado; let’s reveal who won the first Come Dine with Us

In Joint Second place was…



Couple 1 and 3: Briony and Sam, Bronwyn and Greg!!

In a lovely turn of events, no-one essentially lost!


The WINNER was…



Couple 2: Sean and Jessica!!!


Their ‘mish-mash’ meal sealed the deal for these guys, but unfortunately nobody had a £1000 to spare (such a shame), so the winning couple had to make do with a bottle of Prosecco and vouchers towards dinner out.


Even with a few slip-ups in the kitchen, everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves making our new culinary venture a great success! With this news we can exclusively tell you that Come Dine with Us will be returning next year!

So you better keep your eyes peeled as I am sure the competition will only get more heated!


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