John Wick: Chapter Two (Spoiler-Free) Review

A particular mythical and notorious ‘bogeyman’ is back for round two, oh sorry I meant chapter two!

So chapter two of John Wick’s (Keanu Reeves) failed retirement plan sees Mr Wick forced back into his former life as a bad-ass assassin. This time round Wick has to repay a debt, which unfortunately for him leads to a massive bounty being placed on his life – good for us as he cannot retire just yet!

It has been three years since John Wick was first introduced to us, so the pressure has been mounting for Chad Stahelski to succeed the high standard he set for the first film. Giving credit where it is due, Stahelski does just this.


Keanu Reeves as John Wick. Photo credit to IMDB.

Think grander fight scenes, more locations, extra assassins and most importantly more footage of John Wick killing anyone/anything pointing a gun directly at him. By expanding Wick’s world means we get to see the scale of Wick’s skills set and how he operates when presented with a job, rather than out for revenge. It is great to see that Stahelski has not toned down the myth that is John Wick, a legend that instills fear in adult men.

The audience is treated to a further glimpse of the Continental, without boring us into telling us how it was established or how the currency came about, but rather learning about it through Wick’s proceedings with it. There is a particularly funny moment with the Continental playing the parent figure in a fight between Wick and Cassian (Common).


Common as Cassian. Photo credit to IMDB.

Now, the fight scenes.

The fights are brilliantly choreographed and executed on-screen. The fights carry the same class as before but range across various locations, including one on a subway! It is refreshing to see Wick annihilate everyone that comes his way like he is literally swatting flies – it is why we love him, right?

Unfortunately with the craziness of how to keep the fight scenes unique comes with Stahelski’s apparent obsession with seeing Wick not only survive certain incidents, but walk away without a concussion or a fracture at least. As much as I love Wick for being an unbeatable entity in the underground assassin world as the next person, it can become slightly unrealistic, as Wick is human like the rest of us, the only major difference being he is a highly trained assassin. I did love how they incorporated reloading into Wick’s fights, and having an assassin communicating through sign language, nice touch.

Keanu Reeves slips the suit of John Wick comfortably back on, reminding us why this straight talking, brutal individual remains our favourite assassin.

It did have me thinking though, who would win in a fight between John Wick and Jason Bourne?

John Wick: Chapter Two is currently playing in all major cinemas. 


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