La La Land (Spoiler-Free) Review

One word to describe La La Land, marmite.

You are either going to absolutely love or loathe the film.

Lucky for you folks, I adored the film!

It felt like a film that I had been waiting patiently to watch for years, it has everything you’d expect from a musical: great music, charming dance sequences, bunch of likeable characters, all of which swallows you up for 2 hours of fun entertainment – something we need in this day and age, just saying…


Ryan Gosling as Sebastian. Photo credit IMDB.

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone terrifically lead Damien Chazelle’s musical with smooth sophistication. Gosling plays Sebastian, a jazz pianist urgently attempting to keep jazz music breathing, while Stone plays Mia, a barista but also an actress trying to get her first big break. The musical follows the pair on the road to achieving their dreams, taking us through the highs and lows of two fools who dare to be ambitious and not settle for what life dishes them up on a plate.

The chemistry between Gosling and Stone is undeniable and an absolutely pleasure to watch, providing Chazelle the perfect excuse to omit all other unnecessary subplots and minor characters and solely focus on these two lovers. The interplay between Gosling and Stone is perfected, mirroring what you’d expect from a pair of best friends asked to do a film together. This tone is set by the hilariously comic duo by the introductory meeting of Sebastian and Mia only to be complimented later on in the film with an essence of delicacy and softness. Pretty understandable how they both walked away with a Golden Globe each…


Emma Stone as Mia. Photo credit IMDB.

It can be a tricky affair when dealing with a new musical, it is like saying how long is a piece of string when deliberating how many songs to include, or whether this musical has too much dialogue. Thankfully, Chazelle handles the situation with flair. The numbers are captivating such is the signature of Sebastian and Mia’s theme, a signal of their love, an echo I could not help noticing of Christian and Satine’s famous theme from Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge. Altogether the music and dancing just makes you want to jump right into the world that is La La Land, so when’s the next flight?

On a side note, who knew that Ryan Gosling could sing?

Also, Emma Stone’s eyes deserve their own Oscar for conveying so many emotions!

This was truly a treat for my eyes and ears, a stunningly magical and mesmerising film.

La La Land is currently playing at all major cinemas.


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